Digital Audit and Strategy

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

One of the greatest known barriers to businesses achieving their marketing goals is the absence of strategic planning.

We believe that strategy is imperative to success online, and as a result we have built a strong and trusted reputation for providing insightful digital audits for companies current and prospective digital marketing activity.

Our in-depth knowledge, experience and knowledge of Internet & Digital Marketing underpin powerful and precise strategies that achieve awe-inspiring results. The Social Tree owes many of these superior outcomes to the best practice digital audits it conducts.

The digital audit that we performs is both significant and detailed about your digital brand and property it owns and which is optimised.

Our Digital Audits and Strategies provides Adelaide businesses with:

  • A detailed breakdown of current digital marketing activity across a wide array of channels including; social media, your website, ad-words, SEO, blogging, 3rd party content and much more.
  • Customised plans on strategically moving forwards.
  • Results-oriented solutions for your Digital Marketing based on what we find in the audit.
  • ROI maximisation
  • Expense savings
  • Opportunity identification
  • Highlight of industry best practice
  • Quality recommendations & insight
  • Brand value building
  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Retaining of existing customers
  • Assistance in quality decision making

We always recommend that our clients start with an audit. This is often the decider for clients as to the most efficient digital marketing tools to use to get the results they want. This is such a powerful tool to ensure that you are getting the absolute best ROI from your online marketing efforts.

You wouldn’t advertise on Yahoo! If no one ever searched on there for your business, would you?

Nor would you spend $10,000 on LinkedIn advertising per year if your target audience didn’t use LinkedIn?

A Digital Marketing Strategy should not be a stand-alone, rogue campaign. To obtain maximum effectiveness, a Digital Marketing Strategy must be positioned appropriately within the overall business goals and marketing objectives. Digital Marketing must be used as a tool to help move the business closer to realising its vision. Our Strategic Planning Process ensures that all Digital Marketing activities are undertaken with an end goal in mind – the generation of highly qualified leads and maximum lead conversion.

Although one of the most valuable characteristics of Digital Marketing is the ability to use metrics to measure, produce analytics and report performance, success should also be measured by its alignment with the overall business and marketing goals of the firm. Internet marketing must not be viewed as an unrelated activity. It should be positioned neatly within the goals and vision of the business.

Predetermined objectives / goals must be used to direct practical Digital Marketing activities. Our Strategic Planning Process service consists of the following stages:

  • Mission & Objectives
  • Analysis & Review
  • Strategy Formulation / Customised Action Plan Development
  • Implementation of Action Plan / Strategy
  • Continual Monitoring, Management, Feedback & Improvement
  • The Social Tree does not just offer Digital Marketing Strategy and Auditing for Adelaide based businesses and companies. We can handle any business of any size across Australia and the world. Speak to us today if you want to learn about how exactly your business is performing, as well as have a refined solution for moving forwards.