Online Profile Management

Online Brand Management (also known as Online Reputation Management) focuses on brand, profile or image protection online (e.g. Search Engines, Social Media and other online environments. OBM is a form of risk management that prevents, repairs, monitors, mitigates and manages one of the most risk prone assets to your business – your brand name.

Protecting your online reputation extends to:

  • Negative listings about core business offerings,
  • Current and potential employees (particularly executives),
  • Business partners and online images.

Online Brand damage ‘can take the form of flawed content or malicious information in an attempt to deliberately harm your brand’. There are also times, however, when reputation harm can result from an honest mistake or factual information.

Whatever the situation, a negative listing appearing in the top rankings of search engines is detrimental and can potentially be extremely harmful. In most cases, customers, employers or investors are not concerned about truth or validity. They just accept the information…This can be a huge problem, especially if you are not monitoring your brand regularly to ensure there is no negative content obviously visible in association with your brand.

Many businesses hope the negative listings will automatically disappear from rankings, however this is rarely the case (They can remain highly ranked for years).

Let the Online Reputation Management experts provide a scenario where only positive listings are associated with your brand, business and people.

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